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The launching of Japan -Algeria Association, a new step towards boosting bilateral relations

H.E.Mr. S.A KETRANDJI and the wife of the late Shin Watanabe, former Ambassador to Algeria Ms. Mami Watanabe

A leap forward to enhance bilateral relations, Japan-Algeria Association was launched at the meeting held on 27th, March 2009 at the Algerian Embassy.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Kunio Fukuda Professor at Meiji University. Nearly 100 founding members gathered in order to vote on the internal regulation and elect the association bureau members.

The objectives of the Association are the promotion of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and mutual knowledge of Algeria and Japan.

Japan Algeria Association members meeting on March 27th, 2009 at Algerian Embassy

It also intends to perpetuate the historical ties between both countries by building on the former Friendship Association Japan-North Africa, founded by the late Tokuma Utsunomiya in the early sixties to support the Algerian national struggle against the French colonization which became after the independence of Algeria, Japan-Algeria Friendship Association. The latter, which marked the history of relations between the two countries, had ceased its activities in the early 90s.

H.E.Mr.S.A. KETRANDJI and Mr.Kunio Fukuda General Secretary of the newly established Japan Algeria Association

In addition to the process recently established to support cooperation between Algeria and Japan, especially the Joint Economic Committee, in its new configuration, and the Parliamentary Friendship Group, the reestablishment of Algeria-Japan Friendship Association is a new mechanism to further enhance bilateral relations and cooperation between both countries.

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