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Mr. Akira Urabe a former Ambassador to Algeria elected as President of Japan Algeria Association

From left to right H.E.S.A KETRANDJI, Mr. Hayashi Yasuo Chairmen, CEO of JETRO, and Mr. Akira Urabe former Ambassador to Algeria and President of the newly established Japan Algeria Association

The Embassy is proud to announce the election of the former Japanese Ambassador to Algeria Mr. Akira Urabe as President of the newly established Japan Algeria Association.

Mr. Urabe entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 1967. He has held positions in Spain, Venezuela, and Belgium. He served as Director of the First Division of Latin American countries, then Deputy General Director of Latin American countries Department. He was appointed as General Consul in Melbourne and served as Ambassador to Guatemala in March 1999 then to Algeria in May 2001.

Mr. Kunio Fukuda was elected as General Secretary of this Association. He is a Professor at Meiji University and author of several books on Algeria. Mr.Fukuda was a distinguished member of the former Japan Algeria Association.

The newly elected Board of Directors consists of members who gained a wide experience in Algeria and known as good friends such as Professor Iwao Kobori who is familiar with the Algerian desert through his researches about the FOUGARA system, and still acting with his wife in order to promote the cultural exchanging between Japan and Algeria.

From left to right Mr. Yamaguchi Tetsuro, Mr.Terumasa Ono and Professor Iwao Kobori.

The Board of Directors also consists of Mr.Shizuo Empuku from Mitsui Co.LTD , Mr.Terumasa Ono Senior Executive Officer, Senior General Manager from JGC and Ms. Mami Watanabe the wife of the late Shin Watanabe, former Ambassador and a friend to Algeria. Meanwhile, Mr. Yamaguchi Tetsuro was elected as Accountant of the Association.

H.E.Mr. S.A KETRANDJI and the wife of the late Shin Watanabe, former Ambassador to Algeria Ms. Mami Watanabe

H.E.Mr. Sid Ali Ketrandji was elected as the Honorary President of the newly created Japan Algeria Association.

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