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Relations with Japan long-standing and fruitful

Sid Ali Ketrandji, Ambassador of Algeria to Japan

2009.11.1 |

Since we are celebrating the 55th anniversary of the launching of our national struggle for independence, my natural move is to pay tribute to the Japanese friends who supported my country during that difficult struggle, and whose solidarity resulted in 1958 in the opening of our Liberation National Front office in Tokyo.

The choice of Tokyo as a place for pre-independent Algeria to establish an office covering the whole of East Asia was certainly not accidental; it was to be understood with reference to that pre-existing active solidarity within a large spectrum of academicians, journalists and parliamentarians.

Let me underline the pioneering role of eminent Japanese parliamentarians in the 1961 creation of the Maghreb-Japan Association, whose leaders met the same year, in Tunisia, the leaders of the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic.

Considering that historical background, there is no mystery to the fact that the Algeria-Japan economic relationship immediately followed the Algerian independence in 1962. The 1964 opening of the Itochu Corp. office in Algeria paved the way for the strong involvement of Japanese companies in our national development effort, in particular the building of AlgeriaÂ’s hydrocarbon sector.

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