25 June 2021

Minister of Finance, Aymene Benabderrahmane, took part Thursday in the second Governors’ Dialogue of the African Development Bank (AfDB), in which he called on the Bank to foster its efforts in order to meet the growing needs of regional member countries, said the ministry in a statement.

As part of the continuing work of the Annual Meetings of the African Development Bank Group and the second Governors’ Dialogue of the African Development Bank, Minister of Finance Aymene Benabderrahmane and Algeria’s Governor at this institution took part in this Dialogue which is devoted to the issue of “inclusive growth, debt and economic governance,” the source said.

The Governors’ Dialogue is a “key” event, the ministry said, adding that it is a platform for exchange between Governors and the Bank’s President and senior management on issues of strategic importance for the continent and the institution.

It also provides an opportunity for Governors to share their thoughts and views on “the most critical challenges and opportunities for the Bank and the continent in the socio-economic development area,” according to the Ministry of Finance.

On this occasion, Benabderrahmane noted “the relevance” of the theme chosen for this meeting which underlines, according to the ministry’s statement, “the strong interdependence” of the triptych.

Besides the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on African countries, the accelerated deterioration of the debt situation requires more “strong and sustainable” actions by the AfDB to help the continent’s countries restore their debt’s sustainability and return to a strong, inclusive, green and sustainable growth path.

In this regard, Benabderrahmane called on the Bank to “double” its efforts in order to support regional member countries “more and better” so that they will be able to meet their growing development needs, and this through co-financing with other development institutions, trust funds, and many other funding sources.