26 June 2021

The association “El Baraka” offered Saturday, in Algiers, a donation to 300 Palestinian orphans among the children who lost their parents in the last Zionist aggression on Gaza strip.

The ambassador of the Palestinian State in Algeria Amine Makboul said in an address in a ceremony organized at the association’s headquarters in Algiers that “providing care for orphans is a charity act with religious humanitarian an political dimensions which comes to affirm once again to our children in Palestine the existence of great Algerian people who have always supported them.”

After welcoming the consistent position of Algerian people and leaders, supporting the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian diplomat underlined the expression of late President Houari Boumediene, according to which “Algeria supports Palestine in all circumstances,” and also that of President Tebboune who said “Algeria will not normalize its relations with the Zionist entity.”

He broached the sufferings of the Palestinian people who are brutally attacked not only in Gaza but also in the country’s different regions,” citing “the attempts of the occupier to confiscate the land and houses of Palestinians.” He warned against “the hatched schemes against Palestine and its people. »

For his part, the head of the association “El Baraka” Ahmed Brahimi underlined that “the Palestinian people are facing the aggression of a merciless enemy, reaffirming Algerians’ support to the Palestinian people in al-Quds, Gaza and Palestine.