27 June 2021

The Council of the Nation is taking part in the 6th meeting of the 1st session of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, held in Cairo (Egypt) from 22 to 28 June, the Council said Saturday in a statement.

The agenda of these works to which took part the senator and member of the Arab Parliament Abdelkarim Korichi focused notably on the meeting of the Arab Parliament’s permanent committees and specialized committees. .

Kourichi took also part in the meeting on Palestine in which he reaffirmed Algeria’s consistent and non-negotiable position vis-à-vis the just Palestinian cause.

On this occasion, he condemned the violations of the Israeli occupier and its colonialist schemes, pointing out the right of the brotherly Palestinian people to establish an independent State with al-Quds as capital.

During his participation in an emergency meeting of the Arab Parliament devoted to the illegal immigration issue in response to the communiqué issued by the European parliament concerning its disagreement between Morocco and Spain, the Council of the Nation “expressed reservations about the draft resolution concerning the Moroccan-Spanish disagreement.”

In this regard, the Council of the Nation stressed the need “to keep the institution of the joint Arab action at a distance from the issues that could be resolved in a bilateral framework and to promote the Arab Parliament’s role in defending the Arab issues.”

In this respect, the deputy Kourichi proposed “the organization of a meeting with the European Parliament devoted to the resolution of the disagreements between the two parliamentary institutions by discussing all the issues interesting the two sides, including the disagreement issues in order to establish cooperation mechanisms as well as wiser and more realistic ways of action for the best interests of the two regions’ peoples.”