June 28, 2021

Algeria’s epidemiological situation caused by the Coronavius pandemic is “stable and under control,” said Monday in Algiers official spokesperson of the committee in charge of monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, Djamel Fourar, stressing that “since the launch of the vaccination campaign last January any public health risks were identified.”
In a statement on the sidelines of the launching ceremony of the vaccination campaign for the benefit of workers of the National Social Security Fund for non-salaried workers (CASNOS) and their relatives, at the family center in Ben Aknoun (Algiers), Fourar said that “the epidemiological situation is stable and under control with an average of less than 400 new cases confirmed and between 8 and 10 deaths per day, but despite “these data, he stressed, compliance with preventive measures and vaccination remain necessary.
The national vaccination strategy is based on the principle of making vaccines available in health facilities or in public spaces to enable citizens to get vaccinated without appointment and prior registration, “said the same official.
“Public spaces of vaccination experience an influx even if some citizens still have apprehensions because of rumors and other lies that circulate about vaccines,” added Fourar.
However, no serious reaction or risk to public health have been recorded since the beginning of the vaccination campaign last January, he said.
The vaccine remains the only means of prevention against the Covid-19 pandemic, he stressed.