July 13th, 2021

MOSTAGANEM-Public and private businessmen on Tuesday emphasized Algeria’s promising opportunities for the export of technology and electrical industry services to West African countries.
Speaking at the opening of a business meeting between Algeria and Senegal, held Tuesday in Mostaganem, CEO of “Algerian Wiring” industrial group Bachir Kobibi stressed that “Algeria has great potential in the areas of electricity production, engineering and management, and is able to export them to Africa, including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).”

ECOWAS, whose area exceeds 5 million square kilometers (390 million inhabitants) and where the coverage of electrical energy is limited to 40%, now needs Algerian companies to meet its needs.
“Senegal will be Algeria’s gateway to this region that is geographically and socially close to us,” he continued.

CEO of the Industrial Equipment Maintenance Company (subsidiary of Sonelgaz) Mohamed Chikhaoui said that Sonelgaz group, which has a leading experience in the field of electricity in Algeria, is able to transfer its experience in terms of operation and maintenance to African countries in collaboration with private companies.
“Algeria’s vision about this region goes beyond the concept of market and includes the search for partners under African cooperation to develop electric power industry in general, transfer the Algerian technology in the field of networks, improve the capacities and systems of electrical power supply in these countries and invest in them,” he stressed.
Director of the Arab-African Center for Investment and Development M’hamed Amine Boutalbi said that the field of energy alone can contribute with US$2 billion of exports to West African countries and US$4 billion to Africa.
After recalling the experience of the Algeria-Libya partnership in the field of electrical energy, Boutalbi said that there are now real opportunities for technology transfer to African countries and the training of human resources.