July 14th, 2021

ALGIERS-Minister of Communication Ammar Belhimer said that the multiplication of information programmes highlighting the areas of cooperation between Algeria and Egypt was likely to give “a positive impetus” to strategic partnership between the two countries.
In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper “El Ahram” published Wednesday, Belhimer said that “strengthening cooperation through the intensification of information programs and media reports that deal with various areas of cooperation and investment opportunities provided by both countries is likely to give a positive impetus to strategic partnership between Algeria and Egypt.”
Referring to the Arab Center for Exchange of Information and Programs located in Algiers, Belhimer said that it worked to “provide a database of journalism to give member countries the opportunity to develop joint programs through ENOS platform (Arab mechanism for TV and radio exchange) and to strengthen the common approaches on various Arab issues of the day as the Palestinian cause, which enjoys the interest of the Arab media in general and the Algerian media in particular.”
In response to a question about the prospects for development of the Algerian media, the minister said his sector was working on two main projects, namely “the transition from a paper press to a digital press and the legal and technological domiciliation of the activity of private television channels.”
We also seek to diversify the services of the Public Television Company (EPTV) through the opening of new specialty channels for all segments of society such as +El Dhakira and El Maarifa + recently created, said the minister.

As for the new law on information, Belhimer said: “We are currently working on its adaptation with the new Constitution which enshrines the freedom of the press without any administrative restrictions and restricted calculations.”
According to Belhimer, this law will be promulgated directly “after being discussed and adopted by the new members of the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) and its signature by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.”

“We are committed to promote bilateral relations in various fields and to take advantage of the significant potential of both countries in the best interests of the two brotherly peoples,” said the FM.
In response to a question about the new political scene in Algeria, Belhimer said that Algeria “is on the path of broadening and deepening the democratization of its sovereign institutions in accordance with the commitments of the President of the Republic.”
Algeria “will continue its course more comfortably” with the existence of an elected People’s Assembly that represents the will of the Algerian people and meets its aspirations as to the change they called for during the blessed Hirak (popular movement) that started on February 22, 2019.
Regarding bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorist organizations and extremist movements, the minister said that terrorism had become “a global scourge requiring countries and governments to find concrete solutions for its eradication,” recalling that Algeria “had not escaped the throes of barbaric terrorism during the 1990s, just like Egypt.”